Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scott Foresman Homework Unit 1 Week 2

This is the I used homwork for Scott Foresman Unit 1 Week 2. I am trying to work out a better way to post, because the handwriting lines don't seem to come through Scribd neatly. Any suggestions?

Homework. 1.2

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scott Foresman Homework Unit 1 Week 1

This is the homework I send home with my students each week. The language arts homework goes along with the skills that we are working on in our Scott Foresman unit. The homework below goes along with Unit 1 Week 1 (we will be on Unit 1 Week 3 this week, so I'll be posting more soon). The last page is math and goes along with the skills we are working on in class.
Homework 1.1

Note: Some of the dotted lines don't come out right when I upload my documents to Scribd. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Thanks :).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Class Handbook for Parents

After my first year teaching I went to a conference where Harry Wong was speaking. During his presentation he stressed  having clear policies and procedures in place for both students and parents. He also discussed the importance of documentation. After the presentation I decided I wanted to have a class handbook for parents.

I already had an introductory letter that I had adapted from a co-worker the year before. I used this letter as the basis for my handbook, and added more detailed explanations of my class policies and procedures.  I edit the handbook before the start of each school year.
Policies and Procedures for Parents

I include an acknowledgement sheet for parents to sign.
Handbook Sign Sheet

I put my handbook into a 3 pronged pocket folder. This allows me to put a copy of my class welcome letter and a student information card in the front and the acknowledgement form in the back. I put the handbook pages into page protectors. I think this looks nice and keeps them from tearing up. I also include a list of snacks and recipes that was provided to us by our school district.

I put a label on the front of the folder.

I send the handbooks home on the first day of school,  and ask that parents return the acknowledgment sheet and student information card by the end of the week.  I always make extra handbooks to have for new students who come in later in the year. It is nice to be able to provide them information about our class immediately, and I think it helps to make them feel more comfortable.