Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Quick Idea for Practicing Letters and Letter Sounds

I wanted to share this really easy idea for reviewing letters and letter sounds.

Each week I post a letter card with our focus letter on the door to our class bathroom. This gives the students an extra oppurtunity to see the letter throughout the day. It's really sweet to see them saying the letter name and sound before they enter the restroom.

This next part is so much fun! After the week is over, and I take the letter off of the bathroom door, I tack it up somewhere in the hallway. When we leave the room I tell the students to look for the letter. Since talking loudly in the hallway is a no-no, they are not allowed to say "I see it!" The rule is that they can point and say the sound that the letter makes.

I also post a letter outside our door. Each time they walk into the room they say the letter and it's sound.

The children really love this and I've noticed an improvement in some of my strugglers since I started doing this last month.