Monday, September 12, 2011

Five Senses-Introduction

I love teaching science! I have worked at two science centers (one during college and another during graduate school), and these experiences helped me to see how easy it is to make science fun and understandable for young students. I think Kindergarten is a great time to start getting students excited about science.
I like to start the year off by teaching my students about the 5 senses. I start by telling them that we are going to be scientists this year, and that part of being a scientist is making observations. I tell them that observations are exploring things using our five senses.

Then we go over each of our five senses. We point to our eyes for sight, our nose for smell, and our ears for hearing. We stick out our tongues for tasting, and we rub our fingers together for touch.

Then I read this book my Aliki, which is a great introduction to using our 5 senses,

I will be posting some of the five senses activities we do soon.

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