Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome 2011

I like to begin the first week back after Winter Break by celebrating the new year. Since, we write the date in our journals each morning and discuss it during calendar time each afternoon, my students are always very excited when the year changes. We will begin by discussing how the children celebrated New Year’s Eve at home. Then we will spend a little time over the next few days on projects.

On the first day back the students will decorate New Year’s party hats. I usually
make the hats beforehand, using construction paper. Then I have the students decorate them with sequins, fuzz balls, etc… The only rule is that they have to write the year on their hats.

On the first day back we will also write about the New Year.  In the past we’ve written about celebrating the New Year. However, I am planning on changing my prompt this  year. The students will have to finish the statement “In 2011 I will…” I can’t wait to see what they will write!  

On the second day back we will have a little party during snack time. The students get to wear the hats they made the day before. I also buy blowers at the Dollar Tree. We will all blow our blowers together and say “Welcome 2011” Then we will have a special treat for snack.

After our party I will collect their hats. I usually flatten them down and glue them next to their writing in their Kindergarten scrapbook. I also include a picture of them wearing their hats.

Additionally, we will practice writing the year. This year the timing is perfect, because we are about to do some work with the number 11 in Math.  This will make it super easy to work New Year’s into our math centers.

I will post pictures of our activities soon.  

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