Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Celebration of the New Year

In preparing for our celebration I did a little shopping. I bought a few signs at Party City. I also bought the 2011 napkins that are pictured below.

I also went to the Dollar Tree and bought horns for our class celebration.

I made the hats, pictured below, so that they would be ready for my students to decorate

After writing about the New Year, filling out a January 2011 calandar page, and decorating our hats, we had our class celebration.
We counted down from 10, and shouted Happy New Year!
The children were so excited to blow their horns!
We had so much fun welcoming in 2011.


  1. I LOVE it, Lana! I know they have fun with this and I will need to get it together to do this next year-it is a great welcome back after the break!


  2. Very cute way to start off 2011! My local dollar stores were surprising lacking in this department! :/
    I have just started a new teaching blog- Check it out here!