Saturday, May 7, 2011

Insect Song

My intention was for my next post to be a post on a Honey Bee and the Robber word game, but I am still working on that post. While I'm finishing up I thought I'd share a little song I wrote to help my students remember the parts of an insect. We sing it to the tune of  "I'm a little Tee Pot"

I'm a Little Insect 

I'm a little insect, I have six legs
a thorax, and abdomen, and a head
If you count my body parts you will see
I'm an insect, I have three!

I've used this with my class for a few years, and they love it! The first year I used it we went on a fieldtrip to the botanical gardens in our area. Our tour guide started to tell our class that insects have three body parts. My students quickly rattled off the parts before she could get a word in. Then they sang the song. Needless to say I was one proud teacher!

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