Monday, February 21, 2011

100th Day of School Math Activities

The 100th day of school is always so much fun!  This year I tried several new actvities that I am excited to share. We start our activities the day before the big 1-0-0.

On the 99th day of school we make hats for the 100th day.

The students decorate a sentence strip. They also decorate and cut out the number 100.

Then I give them 10 different color strips of construction paper. They draw 10 things on each strip. We count to see that each hat has 100 things on it. I got this idea from a co-worker, who I believe saw it on Chalk Talk.

On the 99th day we also practice counting to 100 by filling out a hundreds chart.

On the 100th Day of school all of our math centers revolved around the number 100.  Students rotate through 5 centers  in teams of four. 

This year we made a 100 link paper chain. I saw this idea on Chalk Talk. I had my students work in teams to make sections of the chain. As each team rotated through the paper chain center they added 20 links to the chain. Once each table had rotated through this center we had created a paper chain with 100 links!

Another idea that I saw on Chalk Talk was to have the students make 100 paper snowflakes. I showed my students a sample snowflake, and asked them if they thought they could make 100. Then they got to work. They loved the challenge. After all the  teams had  rotated through this center  I put ten paper snowflakes in each of ten Ziploc bags. Then we counted by tens to make sure we’d reached 100. We did it! 

Making necklaces with 100 Fruit Loops is an activity my classes do each year. In this center I give each student a number chart with 100 numbered squares. They have to put one Fruit Loop in each square. Once they have counted 100 Fruit Loops they put them on a string.

100th Day Snack Mix is one of my favorite activities. Prior to the 100th Day I ask each student to bring in one item for the snack mix. I put each of the ten items in a bowl. Then, as each team rotates into the snack mix center, I give them a plastic bag.

I have the bowls arranged in a semi-circle around the table. The students start at one end of the table, and work their way around to the other. They put ten of each item in their bags. When they are done they have 100 pieces in their snack mix bag!

Another center I used this year is a 100 piece puzzle center. In this center students work with their teammates to put together a 100 piece puzzle. This is a fun center that the students really enjoy!

 We had a great time on the 100th Day!


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