Saturday, March 5, 2011

101 Days School!

On the 101st Day we do several activities revolving around 101 Dalmatians.  I found this idea on a website (unfortunately the website is no longer available) a few years ago, and added a few of my own ideas.  It’s a great way to start students thinking about numbers beyond 100.

The Day before the 101st Day of School we make Dalmatian hats. Each students colors a white sentence strip with black spots. They use a pattern to cut two white ears out of construction paper, and add black spots to the ears. They glue the ears to the sentence strip, along with a 101 Days of School label.

We read a 101 Dalmatians  book, and watch the movie.

For snack we have Dalmatian  mix (leftover chocolate chips and marshmallows from the 100th day).
In the past we've also had cookies shaped like dog biscuits, but I could not find any this year.

Of course, we write about the day's activities. I include the writing in each child's scrapbook along with a class picture, and a Dalmatian art project.  Next year I plan to incorporate facts about Dalmatian s.

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  1. Oh my. I am DEFINITELY doing this. I'm with Kindergarten so 100th day is big, but since 101st day is on a Friday, I'll be reading and snacking with them at the end of the day. Great idea! I'll post my pictures on my blog too. :)