Monday, July 4, 2011

Fairytale Ball

At the end of our fairytale unit our entire kindergarten has a fairytale ball. This is so much fun. Everyone, including the teachers, dresses up as their favorite fairytale charactar. It is such a fun day!
This hand-made Pinochio costume was so creative!

Before starting the ball we parade around the school. The older students love seeing our kinders all dressed up. The kinders love all the cheers they get as they walk down the halls.

After the parade we all end up in the lunchroom for the ball. Our Kindergarten has over 120 students, so it takes a lot of planning (and a lot of parent volunteers and student helpers) to make this work. Over the past few years we've developed a rotation system. We divide the students into three groups (there are 2-3 classes in each group). Each group rotates through each of 3 stations. The stations each last around 20 minutes.

Station one is where the students get their pictures made against our fairytale backdrop.

They also get a cupcake and a cup of punch at this station.

When they're done with their cupcakes they can color a fairytale coloring page.

At station two the students decorate fun foam crowns. Mrs. Hicks ordered the crowns from Oriental Trading. The students have so much fun making their crowns, and they are a neat souvenir for them to bring home.

At station three we have singing and dancing. I've written story songs, which I perform with the students at this station. The songs tell an entire fairytale, with funny, rhyming lyrics. The song I used this year was The Three Little Pigs.
I choose students from each group to come up and act out the different charactars. All of the students join in during the part where the Big, Bad Wolf says "Little pig, little pig let me in."  I'm not a super singer, but the students never seem to mind J.

After we finish the story song we all dance the Hokey Pokey. By the time all three groups have come through the station I think I've burned enough calories to eat a cupcake. Lol.


  1. This sounds too fun! Thanks for sharing these ideas. :)

  2. I LOVE the fairytale ball and I LOVE your songs! They are a hit with the kids every year!!