Thursday, July 7, 2011

Supply Labels

Each year our PTA hosts an ice cream social before school starts. This is a chance for students to meet their teachers and see their new classrooms.  This is also a chance for students to drop off their supplies before the first day of school.

This gives teachers a chance to organize their supplies before the first day of school. In the past I've had parents put the supplies into lockers labeled with each student's name. Since most supplies are used communally I would go back after they left and pull out the supplies to put away. This was very time consuming.

Last year Mrs. Hicks came up with a super idea. She labeled places on each of her tables with the names of different supplies, and had parents sort them when they dropped them off.  My other teammates and I followed suit. It was so much easier, and their were even parents who commented on how organized it was.

Last year I typed up labels with the names of each supply. This year I'm adding pictures to my labels, so that the students can help sort them. I'm going to tape the labels to the tables in front of a box or bin for each type of supply.

Supply Labels

I will still have them put personal items (i.e. rest mats, towels, extra clothes, pencil boxes, etc...) into their child's locker. I always feel that the more organized I can be before school starts the easier the first day of school will be. I would love to hear your tips about organizing supplies.


  1. This is such a good idea since it enables the children to help! Way to go, kicking it up a notch, Lana!!