Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fairytale Book

Each year our kindergarten team does a unit on fairytales. I love teaching with fairytales. There are so many ways to incorporate math, science, and social studies along with reading and writing.

This year we had so much going on at the end of the year that I did not have time for all of the activities I usually plan. The activities I ended up using mainly focused on comprehension and writing skills. I hope to post the math, science, and social studies activities in the future.

I like to put my students' writing and art projects together into a book. They love getting their books at the end of the unit. They are so excited to look through the work they've done,  and share it with their friends (it's so sweet to watch them look through it with friends while they're waiting in the car line) and family.

After we read each story I have my students write about it. Then they create an art project to go with their writing.

I got the idea for this art project for The Three Little Pigs from Mrs. Hicks( The students chose whether they wanted to build their houses with  hay, sticks (toothpicks) or bricks.

They made a glass slipper and pumpkin to go with their Cinderella writing. A very sweet parent made these patterns for me several years ago.

They created the main character from Little Red Riding Hood for this page of their book. I would like to create a Big, Bad Wolf and Granny pattern to go with it for next year's book.

For their Hansel and Gretel page they made a gingerbread house. They used foam pieces that I had bought at Michael's (they were super cheap after Christmas) and paper pieces that I cut using my
Cri-cut.  This is another idea I stole  borrowed from Mrs. Hicks (

This is the art that they did for the Princess and the Frog. We watched the Disney movie, and read a storybook. The two versions were very different. I plan to include a compare and contrast activity with this story next year.

I have not done a page for Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs before. However, since my costume for our fairytale ball was going to be Snow White I wanted to include a page in their books. I came up with this art project at the last minute, and I really love it! My students loved making the sparkly apples (with the help of some super 4th and 5th grade helpers) too!

Up Next: Our Kindergarten Fairytale Ball

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  1. I LOVE the glittery apple, Lana! Their books turned out to be so cute! I can't wait to see your Fairytale Ball post!!